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Thought Stack: Design Principles, Mental Models, & Cognitive Biases

Apr 5, 2018

Podcast video can be found here:

TL;DL: The 80/20 Principle means focusing on the small number of things that have the greatest impact on your life. Join me on a typical day in LA where I grab some coffee, hit the gym, play some volleyball and mess around with Crixus.

80/20 a Better Life:
1. Lift weights 3X/wk so you don't break a hip when old.
2. Sprint often
3. Sleep greater than 7.5 hours/night to have more productive awake time.
4. Meditate - Our ancestors were present.

1. Look L at intersections so you don't get T-boned.
2. Imagine 1 person trying to kill you on the freeway to stay aware.

1. GUIs - Menus are set up in categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, rather than display everything at once making things confusing.

Design Principle 001: 80/20 Principle (Pareto Principle)

Today's video kicks off my new design principles project. The goal is to share a principle with you each week to help us see the world from a new perspective.

I want this to be more of a discussion. If you've seen this principle in your life, please share it in the comments. The more we're aware of these principles the better we'll able to navigate this complex system we call life.

Patrick and Peter's podcast episode I referenced:

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→ Book: Universal Principles of Design
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